We're a socially-conscious subscription-based platform. Like Patreon, sther allows creators to make a profile page that promotes their work. Their followers can subscribe at different pledge levels and creators provide exclusive content in return for the pledge.

sther is a benefit corporation that focuses on promoting and supporting creators from marginalized backgrounds and their allies (yes, straight white guys are welcome!).

This doesn't mean that your content should be focused on these issues, it just means that we are declaring that you matter and that we're actively working for you. We know that women, LGBTQ+ and people of color regularly face abuse online for challenging the status quo.

We're tired of seeing marginalized creators shut out, that's why we created sther.

When you join our platform, you benefit from a policy of dealing with abuse though a community-based decision-making process. We also encourage those who are still building a following to join sther. Many platforms are only interested in those people who already have a strong following online because that maximizes their profit. We want to help you build a community around your content that grows your community and keeps our platform alive!

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We do not allow content that promotes violence, hatred or oppression of other people, or that violates the SESTA-FOSTA Act. Please contact us directly if you have questions or concerns regarding this statement.