Content creators who earn $50 USD per month or more, will see a platform fee of $5 USD per month. This means that as you earn more, you keep more of your earnings. The $5 fee will be subtracted from your monthly payout. In other words, if you earned $50 in one month, your payout will be $45 (minus the payment processor fees).

The platform fee should be thought of as membership due, in the same way that your supporters subscribe to your content, you are supporting the existence of this service.

The money we raise from the platform fee goes toward paying bills and paying our tiny staff.

We use a combination of processors to minimize our processing fees.

  • Less than $10 USD --> routed through PayPal @ 5% + 0.05 cents / transaction
  • $10 USD or more --> handled through PayPal or credit card processor @ 2.9% + 0.30 cents / transaction
  • Any price in bitcoins --> proccessed via our BTCPay server with zero transaction fee

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