Requirements for having an approved profile on sther

  1. Step One

    Sign up and complete your profile.

  2. Step Two

    Under the Page Editor tab in your creator dashboard, click the big yellow "REQUEST PROFILE APPROVAL" button. This will let us know that you're ready to launch your page.

  3. Step Three

    We will review your profile and contact you for more information. It's important to avoid fraudsters so we may ask you to go through an online video interview process and/or fill out a W-9 (US) or W8-BEN (outside of US). Users who have colleagues—already approved and active in the sther community—who can vouch for your credibility, will have an easier approval process.

  4. Step Four

    You will be notified of the final approval decision via e-mail (so please sign up with an account you check regularly and add us to your white list). Please note, given the current toxic and hostile payment services environment that we are enslaved in, some content will only be able to receive cryptocurrency subscriptions. This is an extremely gray area and will have to be discussed on a case-by-case basis during the approval process outlined in Step Three.

    Once approved, you are officially part of the sther community! If you were not approved but were given suggestions on what steps you need to take in order to be approved, you can restart from Step One. If you were not approved, you were probably running a money fraud scheme or promoting hate. Take that some place else.

We do not allow content that promotes violence, hatred or oppression of other people, or that violates the SESTA-FOSTA Act. Please contact us directly if you have questions or concerns regarding this statement.

Today is a good day to build your sther profile.